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Let AI
maximize profits

Combine these top leading strategies into your Hopper's AI. Set the AI to automatically asses market conditions and select the best performing strategy.
Innovative technology used to be exclusive to big hedge funds
Beat the market. Even when you sleep
AI learns and improves with each trade
Trade like a pro. Without being one
Fully Data-Driven
Outstanding human support
Additional Strategies For Improved Accuracy
Additional Strategies
AI Confirmation
Market Reversal
Volatility Identifier
AI Trend Short
AI Trend Long

Get Started With
5 Simple Steps

Follow these 5 steps to setup your AI
Download all required strategies

The AI uses multiple trading strategies and trending strategies to asses market conditions and select the best strategy for the moment. The first step is to download the following strategies to your account.

Required strategies:

Create and name AI (link inside)

Create an AI:

Click here to add an AI   🔗

Name the AI – “AI – Wolf Of Crypto”

Add strategies as sources

Click on the + Sources button

Select Signal strategies and add the following:

Ultimate AI
AI Scalping
Whale Trader
AI Confirmation
Market Reversal
Volatility Identifier

Then, select Trend strategies and add the following:

AI Trend Short
AI Trend Medium
AI Trend Long

Hit save and train AI

Save your AI

Navigate to “Training” section and start training your AI by selecting a crypto pair and click “Learn”

Train every coin pair that you see fit

Pick the right template

Choose a template to download from the end of this page

Load the template in your config

Then navigate to config -> strategy and choose your new AI as the strategy with the following settings:

AI Results

Beat the rest. Beat the market
Effective in every market condition
Diverse trading strategies
Following trends and market reversals
Detecting whales & large movements
Trading volatile markets
Effective DCA and capital protection
Innovative Technology
One of the most exciting developments in automated trading is our AI
Buy & Sell Signals
Trade both buy and sell signals with the AI (compatible template required)
Scoring Filter
The AI automatically gives scores to all strategies and filters out low performing signals
All Exchanges Supported
Our AI performs well with all the exchanges available on Cryptohopper

AI Templates

Good AI needs a good template
Choose the one that fits your trading style

Start trading crypto like hedge funds do. With a powerful, AI-powered crypto trading bot